About me

I'm a tech & product guy from Austria. I've studied Software Engineering and Business Management in Graz/Austria. Although I don't a have a fix appartment, I currently spend most of my time in Vienna or San Francisco

I'm a huge fan of bots 🤖, linux 🐧, games 🎮, AR/VR 👓 and space 🚀.

Current projects

I'm co-founder of oratio, a platform which connects businesses with their customers on messengers and organizer of ChatbotConf in Vienna.
I'm organizing several meetups and events like the BotsHub Vienna Meetup, BotsHackathon and Vienna Tech Meetup.

Past projects

These projects included building parts of a 3d location and reconstruction framework based on opencv, a cloud based battery management systems for industry and vehicle batteries and one of the first HTML5 casino slotgame clients.

I've co-founded the discussion platform and plugin oratio in 2013. We managed to get ~100k impressions/day, but we decided to shut down our service in Feb. 2015 (read more about that here).

I'm co-founder of the largest coworking platform in Austria sharedspaces.at, where coworking spaces and shared offices can list their spaces.

I was CTO at the YCombinator-backed startup SmartHires, a candidate referral network for the Silicon Valley, in 2015.

My year 2016 in commits

repositories worked on: 26 (-29.28% since 2015):
commits: 1104 (-15.28% since 2015)
countries: Austria, UK, Germany, Maldives, Indonesia, Portugal, Israel
cities: Vienna, Graz, London, Berlin, Hulhumale, Bali, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, St. Lambrecht

My year 2015 in commits

repositories worked on: 37 (+19.35% since 2014)
commits: 1303 (+18.24% since 2014)

My year 2014 in commits

repositories worked on: 31 (+34.78% since 2013)
commits: 1102 (+97.85% since 2013)

My year 2013 in commits

repositories worked on: 23
commits: 557

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