David Pichsenmeister

David Pichsenmeister

entrepreneur, product developer & speaker

Hey there 👋

I'm a product developer who builds digital products, for fun and for living. Besides that I speak at conferences about startup & tech stuff or create videos on my YouTube channel.

Most recently, I co-founded oratio and co-organized ChatbotConf in Vienna. From 2015 - 2017 we built an international and distributed team of 9 people, grew a SaaS platform to USD 20k MRR in 16 months and organized two international conferences with each >400 attendees.

During the last couple of years I co-founded several companies, some of them backed by accelerators like Seedcamp or Axel Springer Plug and Play, others were bootstrapped. I support other startups & founders and provide free office hours every week.

These days I'm working on new software and open source products of my own, helping people to become and stay more productive at what they do.

In my spare time I travel, do sports (like bouldering, tennis, kitesurfing, beachvolleyball, snowboarding, ...) and listen to hardstyle techno music or heavy metal.

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